Above is a snippet from my illustrated children’s book, "Diabuddies." The story is about Maeve, a young type one diabetic, and her obstacles during a normal school day. As she feels discouraged during school, feeling different and isolated, she’s reminded that she is unique and can get through the tough times with her Diabuddy. 

“Lost in the Scary Market” is an illustrated graphic novel following a young boy named Junior and his journey in the supermarket. When Junior wanders away from his mom, he finds himself on a frightening adventure around the big, scary market.

"Type One" is a micro-story about my diagnosis of type one diabetes. The story is an educational piece and is just the beginning of my exploration of making diabetic representation.

An illustrated travel book highlighting historical and touristy spots on the tropical island of Puerto Rico. With interactive elements, the book encourages the reader to visit as many areas of the island as possible–putting a stamp in its designated area once the place or activity has been completed. Famous areas such as El Yunque National Forest, El Viejo San Juan, and delicious Puerto Rican cuisine, like Mofongo, are just a few of the amazing recommendations.

"On the Run!" is a short story painted with watercolors, illustrating the adventure of when my dog, Annie, escaped from our car.

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