"Plant vs. Animal" is an illustrative gif demonstrating the dichotomy between plants and animals in food, with recent increases in veganism.

Pisces Zodiac Gif

This is a speculative aminated live show poster for Irish rock band Inhaler.  Inspired by the band’s website, current tour promotion, and sound, I created a bold, dynamic, and rigid poster made with nonexistent and experimental type to promote the band’s Los Angeles concert at the Wiltern on April 5th, 2023.

SHADOWBLOCKS is a typeface created using glyphs, influenced by an image of how a shadow reflected on stone tile blocks. The typeface cues the sharp but round elements demonstrated in the picture. The video reveals each typeface letter in various fun and exciting designs.

Narrative Gif inspired by the dystopian novel "Fahrenheit 451"

Editorial motion piece based on the New York Times article, "We Know How to Stop the Fires"

"A Village After Dark" Gif

Animatic exploration using audio from "Very Really Good" Podcast by Kurtis Conner

Exploration of various motion methods using only type as the subject, inspired by coffee.

Speculative Motion Tour Promotion for 5sos' No Shame Tour

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